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The Radhe Group of Energy, founded by Dr. Shailesh Makadia with a core focus on Renewable Energy by using Biomass as Fuel, Biomass/ Coal Gasifiers, Biomass Briquetting Plants, Hot Air Generators, Corporate Farming & Energy Plantation. Starting a lead step in 1992 by installation of first In-House Biomass Briquetting plant, now Radhe Group enjoys with a Growth rate of about 200%.
We are a conglomerate business group in the fields of….

Renewable Energy

  • Radhe Renewable Energy Development Pvt. Ltd. is the core company of Radhe Group of Energy whose main line of activity is manufacturing and marketing of non-conventional & renewable energy equipments, i.e. Biomass I Coal Gasifier. Which can replace any liquid fuels for thermal applications upto 1200 °C and also for power generation. Along with Gasifier it also developes Electro Static Precipitator - a gas cleaning device and Fludized Bed Hot Air Generator (Direct & In-direct) for drying requirements in various process Industries.

  • Radhe Engineenng Co. is engaged in manufacturing Bio-mass Briquetting Plant which is used to convert any agro-forestry waste or bio-mass into Briquettes / Bio-coal I White Coal, empowering to utilize natural energy resources to save environment and ful fill global energy need.

  • Suntrack Energy Systems is engaged in the manufacturing of fludized Bed In-direct Hot Air Generators & Special Purpose Dryers for drying applications in various industries requiring 400 °C temperature

  • Shantol Green Hydrocarbons (India) Pvt. Ltd. - After long and successful journey of Renewable Energy Radhe has entered into era of Resurgent Energy. The process of re-birth of waste hydro carbon into valuable hydrocarbon is called Resurgent Energy. Radhe has declared this mission as “Infinite Green Resurgent- IGR” to convert unavoidable generation of waste hydrocarbon with daily life of mankind into valuable energy and products.

  • Radhe Econotherm - (HPHR Technology - Heat Pipe Heat Recovery Technology) - This is highly advance heat pipe based heat recovery technology for heat recovery from furnace, boiler, oven, thermal oxidizer, engine & incinerator exhaust. The recovered heat is converted to useable hot ah water or thermal oil for use in process, space heating and electrical generation to significantly reduce the client’s fuel costs and corresponding CO2 emissions

Corporate Farming

  •  Radhe Green Energy Plantation Pvt. Ltd. mainly focuses on exploring various possibilities of plantation & production of biomass with different species of grass and wood by ulitizing waste and ideal agricultural land for clean energy demand.

  • Radhe Green Hydroponics- Research, Development and production of vegetable, fruits and flowers with highly innovative, advance green house global technology to fulfill the demand of health and nutrition.


  • HI-Mac Castings Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing of Ductile(S.G.) and Grey Iron( C.I.) castings with the latest automation technology from Japan, Germany & U.K. with high pressure horizontal parted flaskless molding line, environment friendly sand plant & world class testing facilities.

  • Hi-Con Technocast Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneering organization with latest technical know-how in Investment Castings specially for super alloys for automobiles, pumps, valves, machine tools & precision engineering industry to supply In USA, Europe & Worldwide.


  • Vitagreen Products Pvt. Ltd. is a new arm of Radhe Group of Energy into food industry to manufacture Spices, Masala, Instant Food & Health Food to provide hygiene & traditional Indian taste world-wide, under the brand name of Double Seven (77) Green.


  • HI-can Industries Pvt. Ltd. deals with the manufacturing of Tins & Cans to fulfill the global packaging need in the food and beverage industries backened by advanced Swiss made technology.

Media & Entertainment

  • Shailbond Infomedia Pvt.Ltd. under the leadership of renowned artist Mr. Kanu Patel is present across Media & Entertainment, Films, Television, Paintings as well as Exhibitions. It is nurturing the talent and creativity.

Import — Export

  • Radhe Exim Pvt. Ltd. Is professionally managed International Trading Division for bilateral trade worldwide and also to provide facility to group companies.

Herbal Pharmaceuticals

  • Herbules Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is engaged In manufacturing and marketing of Ayurvedic and Herbal products lake Spirulina, (a proteineous and multivitamin - Algae) & Herbal Cosmetic.


  • Radhe Real Estate & Infrastructure aims at accomplishing zenith standards in real estate, property and infrastructure development with its highly technical & professional approach.
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